Art Hôtel

Art Hotel


The hotel is open from 1 July to 31 January.
We have four deluxe rooms, two standard rooms and a studio equipped, seven rooms in total, to welcome you.
There is also a bar and a restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast, dinners and drinks.

Proposed services

Laundry available 7 days a week. You will leave your laundry at reception, which will give you a voucher in exchange.
Massages will be done in your room, for more tranquility. Do not hesitate to ask the reception.
Free WIFI. Accessible to restaurant and reception.
Guarded car park. For your scooter, motorbike or quad rental.
Valuable objects. The executive office has a safe. A stamped receipt will be issued in case of use.


Waste treatment, which is almost non-existent, is a real problem in Madagascar. We wanted to get involved in our own way. In order to sensitize our customers to this cause, the owner of the establishment had the idea to recycle the abandoned scrap to transform it into decorative objects and design furniture.

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